Tuesday, 15 July 2014

life drawing class 03

here are week three's life drawings. i'm already becoming more familiar with the human anatomy, even if this session was with a clothed model. the usual challenge i face is keeping the head in correct proportion. the same with the hands - they are always far too small. so, as of this session, i've purposely been drawing both too big, or so i thought. they are starting to look a lot better, in line with the rest of the figure. also, and a BIG also, i used charcoal for this session....something i usually detest! i always get far too messy with it and end up having everything too crowded with messy blotches, lines etc....too much even for me, even. however, i really liked using charcoal for these drawings; i may give them another chance.

45 minutes

40 mintues

five minutes (red chalk)

30 seconds each

five minutes

two minutes

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