Wednesday, 16 January 2013

background experiment

i really like perspective drawing. rigid angles, randomly placed vanishing points. the sketch below is incorrect...intentionally (youll notice the CafĂ© entrance does not follow to the left left point). anyway...i took this little Moleskine sketch to Photoshop. i didnt want to add anymore detail, just very simple blocky shapes....a bit like Lou Romano's colourscripts for The Incredibles.....only a lot simpler. 

sketch stage, with my #2 pencil.

using the polygonal lasso tool i introduced simple shapes to define hilights and shadows. see how ive shaken it up a bit by swapping the middletones and shadows. its far more effective!

this too is very effective. take away the original sketch and youre left with some very satisfying silhouettes. silhouettes are awesome, they just radiate film noir.....does that work? maybe its a paradox.

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