Wednesday, 16 January 2013

a little bit of photoshop

i put one of my latest drawings into photoshop and spiced things up a bit, adding layers for colour and definition. really happy with this. its literally my line drawing layer set to multiply, on top of a flat coloured layer, with added burn and dodge. pretty simple, yet effective.

when i bring my work into digital, i try to leave myself as little as possible to do. i dont want to lose any natural feel to my drawing. i like imperfections and scratches. i wouldnt want to lose that.....ever!!!

im starting to find my own style. ive always liked angles and perspective drawings. so im really trying to put this into my character design. and i think it works. plus, especially in animation, you cant get a cleaner edge than a straight one. meaning having clear, readable silhouette poses should be an absolute breeze........right?......

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