Wednesday, 2 February 2011


so i was in norwich the other day, and decided it would be a good idea to sketch some "passers-by"! i sat up high in the forum, the library, and achieved a great view of everything!! i could see people downstairs, walking in and out of the building, people to my right reading the daily news, and a few here and there coughing, sniffing, scratching...........maybe more on that later!

apologies for a couple of these copies....because of the light pencil i was using, they were really hard to scan/photo! i tried my best to level them up!
for the above drawing i was only looking at doing line drawings to get the shape and movement of people...really trying to get the motion of the body! what was nice was how interesting they looked when sketched really quickly! by speed sketching, i was really able to portray movement!

i put the sketch into photoshop with the intention of digitally shading my characters!
taking away the original sketch left a pretty cool looking image. at a glance, you can make out the characters from just the shading, which is quite interesing.

using a biro i also drew some portraits! i drew shapes and single-line drawings to project different emotions, expressions and character!

my favourite piece! like before, i added shade to each face! my intention was to pick out shape on the face by adding more shading.

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