Monday, 11 July 2011

e4 stings competition 2011

i collaborated with talented animator jo elliott to create a rather delicious entry for this years e4 stings competition!!!
the ideas behind this short were fun, colourful, and complete and utter tastiness. with the use of sweet looking objects, we were able to make quite a random, energetic and explosive piece!

e4 stings competition 2011 - raspberry nipple from michael blackman on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


i came across an animation test i did quite a while ago. my main focus was light and shadow. it was originally the beginning to a short about a childrens book which comes to life!!!!! nothing progressed from it, however i thought it would be worth sharing with you! the colours are supposed to look quite old fashioned, with a very traditional looking table and ink pot.

below is the background, created in tv paint.

Monday, 11 April 2011


whilst watching studio ghiblis spirited away i was really interested in the architecture behind the bathhouse! the arrangement of the staff houses, boiler rooms and kitchens to the rear of the building was amazing! im finding it hard to find a clear reference, but if youve seen it youll know exactly what i mean!!

basically i wanted to create, using watercolours (lots of), my own imaginative flying steam powered la boca-esque town, including lots of pipes, wooden beams, cracked walls, a ships crows nest, and lots of coloured tiles, clothes and steam!!!

this is the result so far. i want to include more sky, sun and birds to suggest the flight of this town of concocted houses!!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

more people....

whilst cruising around the canary islands on a huuuuge ship i took some time to draw some lazy loungers!!! whilst doing these, using my trusty low-budget standard office black biro, i was trying to draw as relaxed and spontaneous as possible! mark-making, scratchy shading and linear techniques were intended for each one!

i also spent some time drawing more faces for my little collection! bearing in mind these were drawn at the airport BEFORE the holiday...they all look a bit miserable!!!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Thursday, 3 February 2011

illustration "norfolk" eco bag competition

a local eco-bag company have asked artists to submit illustrations representing norfolk, as part of a competition. with these illustrations, they will pick the best images to be printed on the bags they sell!
it has been limited to three colours only! i recently visited, and was fascinated by, a norfolk basketry exhibition. the tradition carried through basket-making was quite admirable, and i really wanted to do some work based on that! i thought that with the bags being eco-friendly, i would portray a very natural feel with greens and recycled paper! norfolk is a very green county, and although norfolk reeds may have been more appropriate, i had to go with grass, simply for the colour and nature of the image!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


so i was in norwich the other day, and decided it would be a good idea to sketch some "passers-by"! i sat up high in the forum, the library, and achieved a great view of everything!! i could see people downstairs, walking in and out of the building, people to my right reading the daily news, and a few here and there coughing, sniffing, scratching...........maybe more on that later!

apologies for a couple of these copies....because of the light pencil i was using, they were really hard to scan/photo! i tried my best to level them up!
for the above drawing i was only looking at doing line drawings to get the shape and movement of people...really trying to get the motion of the body! what was nice was how interesting they looked when sketched really quickly! by speed sketching, i was really able to portray movement!

i put the sketch into photoshop with the intention of digitally shading my characters!
taking away the original sketch left a pretty cool looking image. at a glance, you can make out the characters from just the shading, which is quite interesing.

using a biro i also drew some portraits! i drew shapes and single-line drawings to project different emotions, expressions and character!

my favourite piece! like before, i added shade to each face! my intention was to pick out shape on the face by adding more shading.