Wednesday, 10 November 2010

we’re turning the screens on the underground into a digital playground

so for january, "smile for london" want to get together 50 various animations/films/moving image to broadcast on london underground, for all the commuters suffering from the early january blues!! the object, to make people smile!

having already started a style for the 'plympton global jam', i am going to continue this with the smile project. the animation is to be 20 seconds long, which isnt a long time. my aim is to make it short, sweet and funny!!!

so ive got straight into it! ive been completely spontaneous with this one. the idea is that, when i wake up in the morning, there is one thing i crave; a cuppa tea! im definitely not the only one. so, im playing on this idea, something that i want to excite people with on the underground, along with a bit of humour! using only ink, ive drawn multiple parts to a character! with quick, funny movements, hes going to pour everyone a cup of tea!!!! well, maybe not everyone. ill cut out all of the parts and create the animation in after effects.

ive began to compose the images into after effects. the character firstly appears miserable.

hoping this part will create a few smiles, a bizarre and strained smile comes out. 

he pours some tea for passers by.

it ends in tragedy, the door closes on him, and makes a mess of all those teas! waste!

and so, here is the finished animation. i wanted to keep it very simple, 20 seconds is not a long time for people to take things in at that time of the morning. so something innocent, hopefully funny, and succinct was intentional to fit the bill!!

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  1. haha looking really really nice! the ink style is very impressive! looking forward to seeing it moving!